Star Trek: Picard – Teaser

The end is only the start.
Brace yourself for the new CBS All Access Original Series Star Trek: Picard, coming shortly.

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  1. Star Wars Fool

    I literally just finished TNG A few hours ago!! Holy crap the timing is crazy. Finished voyager and almost done with ds9!

  2. Kjartan The Viking

    Oh my, I actually have something to look forward too!

  3. I wanna see KlingOrc Worf!

  4. Debajyoti Naha

    I thought this was an advertisement for a wine or something

  5. “Why did you leave starfleet?”
    “Behold, as a wild ass in the desert go I forth to my work”

  6. Picard =arrogant French prick.

  7. RageQuit Empire

    Wish they added the cheery on top by having Q say something at the end.

  8. Oh yeahhhhh! Please just let it not be filled with SJW crap!

  9. THANOS!

  10. This is the best year of my life so far. 2019 is lit! ?

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