Stanley Cup Final Game 6: Colorado Avalanche vs. Tampa Bay Lightning | Full Game Highlights

Stanley Cup Final Game 6: Colorado Avalanche vs. Tampa Bay Lightning | Full Game Highlights
The Colorado Avalanche overcame the Tampa Bay Lightning, 2-1, in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final to win the 2022 Stanley Cup, their 3rd time in franchise history.




  2. The amount of time I hear the word “lucky” before a goal is actually sad .

  3. 8:58 I absolutely love watching this part❤️ good job boys, I knew y’all could do it!!

  4. Just have to feel bad for Corey perry

  5. Manson Cup-winning assist and if Nathan had made the pass to Manson he would have the GWG.

  6. Since Manson/Lindholm were moved , Anaheim has imploded. Just not the same.

  7. Maroon the Caveman and Perry should retire. They need more speed.

  8. From a Caps fan.. Colorado definitely deserved this huge win! Congrats Avalanche!

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