Spring Bulk Day 221 – Back and Full Day of Eating

Bit more insight into the fuel

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  1. #33 in Trends

  2. Dudes gonna die early

  3. Nooooo I’m old 😭 I’m thinking great vid but says fuck every other word. Noooo how did this happen

  4. I like Sam’s no bullxhit style. Either you like and listen to what he has to say or xxxx off. Everyone has to run their mouth about his food choices so I will too. The Krispy Kreme donuts contain alot of sugar. I actually caused my appendix to explode eating three boxes in under 24 hours one time about 35 years ago. The amount of ‘vegetable’ oil (which isn’t anything vegetable once they have processed it to death) in these donuts is astonishing. The Sprite contains, not sugar, but high fructose corn syrup which is very toxic to the liver. It is truly amazing how every cheap short cut the American food industry takes involves poisoning our bodies.
    The protein mix may well contain one of these three artificial sweeteners, Aspartame, Splenda or Sucralose – which all three manmade chemicals are there because they are cheap to make and extraordinarily addictive. Aspartame, Splenda and Sucralose attack the brain and the body. All three will induce depression and confusion and attack the mental stability of anyone ingesting them Aspartame and Splenda and Sucralose cause long term brain and body damage. They should have never been approved for human consumption, but they were approved by the government because they are very cheap to produce which means huge profits for the food companies that put them into their products. It is very important to know that there is no ‘minimum’ acceptable dose of Aspartame or Splenda or Sucralose. All three manmade chemicals are poison. No matter how small the dose.
    The Ramen noodles and the steak was a great looking meal. The steak is BANK. Nothing but good there as long as it’s cooked in a olive oil or a similar real oil. The ramen noodle is good as long as the flavor packets are not used. The flavor packets are a tidal wave of salt. There was a study of a Japanese town that was suffering from a very high rate of strokes and the culprit was found to be the extremely high salt load in the miso soup. Once the miso soup salt level was drastically lowered, the stroke incidences went down. It would be interesting to see what those noodles are made of. Because so much of anything made with grain is complete crap today. Hell, the chemists that have massaged the dna of corn, for decades, to keep insects and animals from eating it in the field, have turned corn into a food product the human body no longer digests. The human body merely passes it through and out of the body undigested.
    These young men are pushing their bodies to physical heights few ever reach. The irony here is that if Sam lived on a farm, where almost all of his food came to him sourced locally. he would be able to miss the numerous food minefields in modern processed food today. But that steak did look delicious.
    Great luck and workouts to Sam in his quest for body perfection. Just read those food ingredients labels. They will blow your mind. Really, if it has a food ingredients label, it’s probably best to just pass on eating it. It really sucks food companies use poisons because they are so cheap, and they really don’t give a damn about us. It’s why everything McDonald’s sells here, the European countries outlawed for them to sell in Europe. Ain’t that some shxt.

  5. Cameron Thompson

    Never heard a gym play good gym music before this

  6. Let’s see Andrew Eubanks eat this much food.

  7. This guy reminds me of a fuckin’ young Rich Piana goddamn it!

  8. Rein in die Määs

    Grow these baddies till the burst.

  9. Michael Crepeault

    Spring? Lol ok sure pretty sure we are just ending summer going into fall but hey whatever

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