Spot the short king

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  1. I like how those guys said “half Filipino, half white.” Like they specified the Filipino part, but then generically said “white” without specifying lol

  2. I like how they all memorized their partner’s and family’s heights by the inch like they’re sizing everyone in their life up for an NBA sponsorship.

  3. It’s so funny to me how Cody is kind of insecure about his height yet secure enough to make jokes about it lol

  4. Good video cody

  5. Just Cody’s nose and eyes visible is the funniest thing he’s done since the guitar incident

  6. The fact that they edited the short guy tall for just long enough for cody to think he was wrong is actually so funny but equally as jarring

  7. I love Cody finally revealing how he really looks on camera without all his usual camera tricks. Way to be yoy

  8. Loving the romance between Cody and Jubilee. They need to make it official and invite him already

  9. I love that Jubilee and Cut are in a symbiotic relationship with Cody Ko at this point.

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