Sporting CP vs. Arsenal: Extended Highlights | UEL Round of 16-1st Leg | CBS Sports Golazo – Europe

Premier League leaders Arsenal look to carry on their dream season by conquering Portugal’s Sporting in this Europa League Round of 16 match.

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  1. As a Porto fan I wanna see my fellow Portuguese clubs advance

  2. It appears that Arsenal is the New Li-VAR-pool now. VAR is on their side all the time! Zinchenko foul was never even looked at by VAR after Arsenal first goal.

  3. Kiwior cringed instead of jumping up to defend Sportings first goal from the corner. What the hell was that?!

  4. AmericanDreemDreamer

    Arsenal never a top quality team. Youth squad carry them. They are not on same level of City or Liverpool.

  5. Nah this turner guy is shit no wonder the US is Shambolic

  6. Arsenal playing a back 80 in that second goal and still couldn’t defend

  7. Martinelli should never again play for Arsenal because he’s a very selfish player and he can’t even score on an empty net

  8. if sporting had any quality, they could’ve won this game by 3 or 4. Arsenal will knock them out at the Emirates Stadium

  9. Favio Espinoza Rodriguez

    What an amazing game from Martinelli, what a run.

  10. Arsenal had to loose this match they didn’t play too well

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