SpongeBob VS Aquaman (Nickelodeon VS Super Friends) | DEATH BATTLE!

Make ready for nautical nonsense as SpongeBob SquarePants battle Aquaman!
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  1. Sure, SpongeBob may be the most naive cartoon character, but not is he only incredibly OP but also kind-hearted all the same.

    I mean, dude drew a memorial for Aquaman after he killed him (maybe accidentally but he never wanted to), HOW DOES THIS NOT GET ANYMORE KIND-HEARTED THAN THIS.

    I almost cried after that scene. :’)

  2. I just realized I like stuff like this as the battle was fun and interesting.

    Keep doing fun battles and not ones that seem forced.

    I need vengeance for deadpool

  4. Can you do minecraft steve😅

  5. The OG question:

    Can Spongebob beat Popeye?

  6. Please do Trogan vs Aku

  7. Golden rule. when a new death battle drops. Don’t read the comments until you see the video lol.

  8. Man I want to see spongebob sand castle and troops 🤣

  9. I feel like we need to see a free-for-all death battle with just Toon-Characters.
    Spongebob, The Mask (comics), Popeye and so on.
    All can break the 4th wall, have Toon-powers, and have at least one or two mindgoblining feat on their belt, not to mention neither is really killable.

  10. Okay so I clicked on the video and hit pause real quick to type this message out. I have not watched this yet I just want to throw my bed in right now… SpongeBob wins… That’s my guess I’ll comment on this afterwards to tell you if I was right or wrong but I know I’m right

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