Splatoon 3: Salmon Run with a side of salt

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  1. Fun fact. If bosses are close to stealheads and you kill one, their explosion will also kill those bosses next to him.

  2. If you want gohozuna faster. There is a way. But i suggest doing it with friends.

    Basically you just loose on purpose a bunch of times because the gohozuna bar will fill up after every match. That would make it go alot faster. But yes your paygrade will go down but hey. If you do it from the highest paygrade you don’t have to use the demote option haha

  3. Bendy the dancing demon1234

    I got the grillers one round and had one on me so I was trying my best to swim around the map to not get splatted by them, I think I either had the bloblobber or the tristringer and I was playing with random people

  4. If you didn’t get the last part of the [BIG SHOT]. It means that [somebody has to] be near the basket to [collect the goods]. If nobody is at the [home base] then those [nasty egg snatchers] will take them instead, resulting in [zero points].

  5. 1:03 Game Grumps! Heck yeah!

  6. Roary The Roman Arcanine

    You are on the nose with calling Flyfish Satan. I hate them so much.

  7. My favorite Salmon Run teammates are the ones who deliver like 40 eggs by themselves but have the lowest damage and most deaths on the team.

    Like buddy, they did give you a gun. I know the eggs are the objective but you do still have to shoot the cohocks, they aren’t just an obstacle to avoid.

    So anyway we get to like 80% of quota but then the map is overrun and nobody can ever deliver an egg again.

  8. The funny names in this are to good here

  9. I love the Spamton bit XD

  10. All fun and games until glowflies swarm around you

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