SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: THE MOVIE Official Trailer Teaser (2022)

First motion picture trailer for Spirit Halloween: The Movie.


  1. Captain Brainius

    Amazon’s Lord of the Rings cashgrab looks more promising than this.

  2. This looks like the kind of thing you would rent on a whim at Blockbuster and then never watch again.

  3. Is this real?

  4. Latina Rodriquez

    Definitely giving me goosebumps vibes butttt i loves goosebumps also… we’ll be watching it still

  5. This bouta be more worse than the chucky series

  6. Looks lame af

  7. °Honeybee playz°

    This looks so bad that I wanna watch it

  8. Why don’t we just make a Walmart or target movie then.

  9. spoopy

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