Spider-Man Missing Easter Egg! Howard the Duck FOUND! (Homecoming Rewatch)

Spider-Man Far From Home director Jon Watts unveils that a Howard the Duck Easter Egg was hidden, and remains, undiscovered in Spider-Man Homecoming (2017). Where is Howard the Duck hiding in Spider-Man Homecoming, and does his Avengers Endgame cameo mean Marvel Studios has big plans for him? Erik Voss rewatched Spider-Man Homecoming and… he thinks he found Howard! Along with a bunch of other interesting details we missed the first time around. What other Spider-Man Easter Eggs in Homecoming point to Miles Morales and other issues of Marvel comics?


Editors: Joshua Hurd, Devin Cleary, Aaron Carrión
Music: “Sci Fi” from Bensound.com


  1. Well, this was underwhelming.

  2. He cut the interview because he’s about to go watch the movie and find that shit.

  3. Hey so two screens above the vision easter egg on the news update has a short clip of some sort of moving creature. Am i not the only one who reckons it looks to suspiciously like a Symbiote

  4. Come on guys, we need Howard the duck and rocket the raccoon in a movie together

  5. Здорово

  6. you just not gonna mention rocket robinson is robbie robinson’s son, who takes on this persona

  7. I’ve gotten access to big scenes in the next Marvel movie, and can confirm that Noobmaster69 will be the villan of that movie and Howard the Duck will feature as the hero, and they’re going to have an epic battle!!!

  8. I’m pretty sure Howard the Duck is going to get a speaking role in a movie pretty soon, they have a good looking model for him and the fan reaction has been nothing but positive. If nothing else Disney likes to make money.

  9. After seeing this I’m regretting why I clicked it??

  10. Doozy Animation

    Maybe Howard will take over Stan Lee’s role as the cameo king of the MCU?

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