Welcome to the very first ever Smosh Pit Spelling Bee-kini Wax, where losing the circular means losing hair… down there.

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  1. I thought this video was going to be completely stupid but it was FUNNY and CREATIVE AF!!! ??????????

  2. Next up, Shayne, Olivia and Keith!

  3. Bella Ingersoll

    Me and my boyfriend are in a big fight right now and you guys make me feel so much better thank you so much please keep making more content

  4. Even though the waxer is female shes still lucky. She got to see Courtney’s……um, I’ll just say private part. Also it makes me…(“feel weird”) to know that she has no pants on. The waxer must have a great view.

  5. Thebananamanguy

    i watched this and then went to watch tv and there was a bikini wax commercial playing

  6. Damion is the freakin man lmao

  7. Chase Buccaran

    How do you people not know how to spell Cartilage?

  8. Madison Otteman

    I think Keith, Noah, and Shayne should do it

  9. Do this with Rhett and Link but on the head. Think of the two of them bald. N mix in a little Cotton Candy Randy to f it all up.

  10. Sophie Sanchez


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