Special Report: Billy Bush and Emily D. Baker respond to Amber Heard-Johnny Depp verdict

The Special Report was joined by Extra’s Billy Bush and legal expert Emily D. Baker to hear their thoughts on the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard verdict.

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  1. This is what Amber’s team (or mainly just Amber) doesn’t understand – A lot of people as in almost the whole nation sympathized with Johnny bec.he represented not MEN but the ACTUAL VICTIMS of abused, the actual victims of LIE and those whose kindness and patience were taken advantage of. Regardless of gender, the actual victims such as myself who went through emotional abused by a past lover, related with him. Regardless if you’re a fan of him or not, but only those who truly went through those would know all the evidences presented by Johnny are real, authentic and genuine. His words, his actions, his manner and all that during the whole trial are what made us believe in him. He didnt force us, we have our own choices. Him speaking for his truth and facing the world whatever the outcome would be, him fighting for what is right and just, him wanting to get his LIFE back are all the things every victims wish to do and have. It’s a brave act yet frightening. That is why we are celebrating his win, it’s bec. it felt like our own. Amber is basically acting now as a manipulator, narcissist who would never leave her victim alone and doesnt want to see him happy and has moved on. Smh

  2. Makenzie Thomas

    Y’all should have let Emily baker talk more!! She knows her stuff

  3. Here for @EmilyD.Baker!!!!!!!!!

  4. Petra Krasniqi

    Amber Heard is liar, I can’t believe main stream media, the other horrible people who reports, justice been serve!! This is our American judicial system, it works. It should work. No one should denied this. No one should say jury was influenced by social media. Thank God for social media. Like the popcorn planet, the umbrella guy and etc.
    the real realistic news. Not taking sides just to see the TRUTH!!!!

  5. - [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

    I enjoy listening to Emily discuss the law. She is honest and knowledgeable. She appoaches a case without bias and calls it the way it truly is. Very refreshing!

  6. Why does Emily keep thinking jury’s are unique to America? The UK has a jury system too. You know, because the western judicial system was created by England…

  7. Im putting my cow boy boots cuase this reporterers are full of cow manur-e, they say a lot but without no meaning: .

  8. Was that Rottenberg footage with the microphone on his face looking like a lil hitler on purpose? 😅

  9. No one is talking about how many times this guy keeps mentioning “slaps” it’s so inappropriate. He said it once ….. but then again…. it was getting a bit corny…. etc

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