Spain v USA – FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™

USA advanced to the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ quarter-finals, establishing a conference with hosts France, after a triumph against Spain.

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  1. Congrats U.S.A????
    Next better luck is next time spain????
    For south korea????

  2. Another pathetic game… Spain was true the winner

  3. بندن ديرا

    Womens football is a joke

  4. Nobody:
    USA: FIFA, give us two penalties for Spain match

  5. We the best!!! Go USA

  6. At least she didn’t choke in those 2 supreme moments.

  7. Lmao.. No offense wahmen don’t know how to play soccer… Look at those 2 goals in early game.

  8. דרדסטלה גראס

    What is the logic in winning a game with two penalties?!

  9. Savage_Fps-Gamer

    I don’t care if I live in US this wasn’t a fair match.

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