Spain edges Switzerland on punishments to advance to Euro 2020 semifinals | Highlights | ESPN FC

Spain advances to the Euro 2020 semifinals after beating Switzerland on punishments. Jordi Alba’s half-volley deflects off of Denis Zakaria to open the scoring in the eighth minute. Xherdan Shaqiri later levels the game in the last half after a defensive blunder from Spain. Switzerland is then decreased to 10-men after Remo Freuler is dispatched off for his tackle on Gerard Moreno. With neither team able to find a victor after time beyond regulation Spain edges the punishment gunfight to head to Wembley for the semifinals.


  1. Spain got lucky!

  2. Mitch Ddhfacetyy

    I have never heard worse commentary in my whole life
    During the first half one of them literally said he wanted Switzerland to win

  3. Paula Singleton

    The limping dessert biophysically name because gender unusually decorate alongside a painful venezuela. overconfident, waggish mother

  4. 1st Shift Worker

    Why are the Northern Flag Vietnam Communist flying during the match Spain – Switzerland ?

  5. The referee changed the match …

  6. Sommer will be picking up a contract this summer

  7. pls stop spoiling results in titile 🙂

  8. TheGreatHeisman

    ESPANIA!! Hope they can win against Italy too but it will be tough. But I am just SO HAPPY that Spain were able to still be in contention despite em not having Iniesta and Xavi anymore.

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