SpaceX Starship SN11 Analysis

Check out what it may have seemed like with no fog at the finish of the video clip 😂

00:00 Intro
00:23 Starship Launch
02:17 First engine shutdown
02:35 Second engine shutdown
03:42 “Belly-Flop”
04:03 Descent
05:20 Landing burn
06:05 Debris
06:15 Elon Musk’s response
08:17 Outro

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Track Names: “Watching The Clouds”

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  1. Feed didnt freeze, engine started and flight termination control instantly kicked in and blew it up due to parameters

    • Hamburger Hamburger

      Starship SN11’s termination system:
      I ain’t gonna crash on that filthy ground, might as well explode here-

  2. Joined. Great job! Re: 6:05 I recall seeing one very large debris in EDA’s feed. if it’s there, please edit it into an updated version. 😄

  3. Do they know why 4 SN have had engine problems when they land?

  4. He will get it done ☑️.

  5. Francois-Xavier GONNET

    People don’t realise enough how far the Elon Musk’s vision goes…
    Hey Jeff Bezos is also super rich and… who cares… he has just made a super lucrative business with Amazon. Elon wants to go to Mars and just make it real one step after the other ! Ok he will not go alone, but it has created so much things we thought impossible 20 years ago. Being credible in the rocket business is far from easy…
    And well, I’m not even a fan… it’s just, Space X do crazy stuff everyday… it’s there, it’s real !

  6. BMW R1200GS Adventure

    Why does SN11 feel like the runt of the litter? Like it never happened…

  7. Launching in adverse conditions is not a new thing. Rockets don’t need to see like we do. They have RADAR, LIDAR, sonic among other sensors that can see right through adverse weather. What we have here is a lot of energy compacted in the smallest space possible and used in the most violent of ways. This is going to be very difficult. But not impossible. We must master propulsive landings and perfect this technology.

  8. I know what TVC is, but for this application I’m not completely understanding what he meant when he said there was rumors that it had “locked” into place and how exactly that would cause the RUD. I just don’t understand the “locked into place” part of it the TVC during relight and how that could possibly be the issue here. Normally when something like locked into places is said, I’m immediately going to interpret that being proper and nominal. So can anyone explain this detailed to me? I know tons about all rockets and Starship and terminology so you can use technical words and I’ll understand what you’re saying, I just don’t know the alignment TVC being “🔒 in” has as the reason behind probably a leak and subsequent 💥. thanks

  9. Analyses? This is a totally failed design, all testing needs to stop

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