SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System


  1. Better than any porn.

  2. I’d give my left nut to be on that shuttle.

  3. I am going to buy a ticket to Mars. That is my life goal now. Thanks Elon!

  4. in the 41st century Mars will be inhabited by millions of humans, like if
    you are reading this comment in the year 4000

  5. People underestimate the social implications of colonizing a planet where
    even air is scarce. You might be able to vet small teams of astronauts to
    make sure they are all psychologically stable, but sending hundreds of
    people? Sooner or later there is going to be the first criminal on Mars,
    and the first burnout, and the first person who wants to retire. In a
    colony none of those things are permissible, resources are too scarce, and
    sending them home is impractical or even impossible. This won’t be a place
    for soft people and soft laws. Also let’s not forget that this is corporate
    colonization, so who governs you on Mars?

    On top of that you can’t even talk to earth. Communication takes between
    3-22 minutes depending on where Mars is in it’s orbit, so no internet, no
    phonecalls. Best you might get is a live stream from earth on a few minute
    delay, and even that can be out for months during the opposition period.
    Because of the same phenomenon spaceships actually only have a window to
    travel between earth and mars every 2 years about. So it’s not like you can
    go home or get help if something goes wrong.

    Sure, there is a certain romantic side to the idea of colonizing a new
    planet, but you’re signing up to live in the most inhospitable place humans
    have ever been, under a corporate government, with no way to even have
    instant communication with earth, in a colony that will not have the
    resources to cut anyone any slack. Quite frankly, people who are all “Oooh,
    I can’t wait to go so I can get away from all the problems on earth!” are
    too damn soft for this. If you can’t handle the problems on earth, the
    problems on mars will destroy you.

  6. Give it 6 months and this will be in Kerbal Space Program.

  7. I will go to Mars one day as an Astronaut Doctor. Mark my words.

  8. Wow… all it took was the threat of having Trump or Hillary having their
    finger on the button for the biggest stockpile of nuclear weapons on earth,
    and all of a sudden this goes from being a “someday we’ll get there” idea,
    BOARD IN 5 MINUTES!” scenario.

  9. What’s going to be incredible is the slow progression towards the
    realisation of this vision. Test firings of the raptor engine (Check),
    SpaceX to find their feet again with the Falcon 9, the launching of the
    Falcon Heavy, Red Dragon, tests of this rocket, full scale launch.

    So much more needs to take place for this to become a reality. It’s
    absolutely incredible and with so many steps needed to make this vision a
    reality, no matter how we go it’s going to be an incredible journey.
    Godspeed SpaceX, Mars awaits!

  10. the 2010’s are gonna be remembered as the lens flare years

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