Space Jam 2 is an Unmitigated Disaster

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The long expected sequel to 1996’s Space Jam just released; Space Jam A New Legacy, how does it compare to the already not terrific original? Surprise surprise it is not a lot better…

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  1. they made lebron james an unlockable character in the mobile game, that’s wild

  2. Gianluca Giusti

    The only thing that I could give to Space Jam 2 is that it respects looney tunes characters’ personalities way more than the original.

  3. I’m so proud to see Mark on trending!

  4. are you even surprised
    i only cared about space jam 2 cause of lola bunny booby drama

  5. Deconverted Man

    So Warner Bros has a super computer that CAN THINK and its plan is to get some basketball person blah blah- dude dude YOU HAVE A WAY TO BRING PEOPLE INTO THE VIRTUAL WORLD like – what the bleep. None of this makes any sense. WB would sell the bleep out of the AI and/or the way to let people go into the virtual world. The rest matters not the logic broke instantly. Game over man, game over.

  6. Oh no LS mark got 1.4k dislike why

  7. Unforgivable is not having Lola’s shirt tighter and smaller.

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