Space DOES NOT Expand Everywhere

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Space is giant, and it is getting larger. But where does all that new space really originate from? And is it popping into existence all around you at the present? Is that why the remote control is constantly further away than I thought?

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Hosted by Matt O’Dowd
Written by Matt O’Dowd
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  1. Is it true that expansion would stop in a 100 million years or so?

  2. Random Abomination

    MY theory is this.
    Sounds factual but how would i dumb.

    Space is infinite and always has lets rename it to “Existence”
    everything in the universe exists. And there is plenty of space for it all..
    because…space…is existence. Which if infinite,

    life is a series of chemical reactions due to the most absurd of circumstances,
    but never the less can be replicated else where. Most likely has.

    Evidently most things are uniquely redundant
    Time is the length of existence.

    We time travel all the time.. right i am writing and you are going TLDWR,
    Forward that is. Time is moving forward
    Time comes and it goes. And remains the same from the “Perspective” no matter where a person is.
    However due to environmental changes one can age quicker than someone else…or seem so..(Take a swim for 7 hours while someone else plays video games.)
    IF your bodily systems slow down too much you die..there is no place that wont happen.(Generators and engines)

    I do wonder if those people who went into cryo to cure a sickness have a cure for the sickness yet.
    Like…some rich dude when aids started goes “nope freeze me..” And here is Magic being Magic.

    I do wonder…

  3. TheCosmokramer1

    8:04 Did I faintly hear a lightsaber?

  4. Woah. Dood.

  5. If I take two balloons, barely inflate them, put them next to each other, and start inflating them again, they will push each other apart, with the contact ponit remaining in toughly the same position.

    If I have a cube of balloons 1000 on a side and begin inflating them all, the balloons near the middle aren’t going to be able to push all the surrounding balloons out of the way; they’ll deform*, shrink, or explode,

    * Inflated balloons arrayed together leave gaps between each other. Are the gaps also expanding while the balloons are expanding? While cubes stacked together do take up all available space, I have trouble believing that space expands on a cubical basis.

    If space within galaxies is not expanding, doesn’t that mean all space is expanding unevenly? Would that produce differences in the expansion rate of the universe as seen at variouse distances? Is the absencec of space expansion inside galaxies taken into account when calculating the type 1a supernova distance laddet in connection with determining the current expansion rate of the universe?

  6. Finally, A clear explanation.

  7. Most scientists don’t recognize the gravity of this situation.

  8. Expanding space is free energy? What about entropy?

  9. srinitaaigaura

    I was wondering if one part of Spacetime expands when another part contracts.

  10. My ancestors decendants inheritance I own the earth dirt parcel lot mass domain environment this solar-powered creations all investment stocks bonds.. cluster organizations business impacts my heart body soul spirit and my mind knowledge awareness is I gave birth 1 2 3 the fathers whom taking from me like have sense time of birth biological weapons of this fraction is destroying my universe

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