Sour Patch Kids Sent Me a “PERSONALIZED” Gift Box

As THE Sour Patch Kids review channel, it is only fitting for Mr. Sour Patch himself to send me a customized gift box. First it is sweet… then it is sour…


  1. Happy Valentines Day, everyone! Hope your day is filled with as much love and kindness as was stuffed into this thoughtful gift from Sour Patch!

  2. For some reason I really wanna eat sour patch kids

  3. I’ve shown my girlfriend markipler but the only videos she has watched with me all the way through are the sour patch ones. Lol ??‍♂️

  4. i have question!! What brand of Chica is?

  5. I bet none of you even know Stephen curry

  6. I think we should sue Sour Patch Man for being a big poppy head to our lord Markiplier!!!

  7. if anything it might be nice as a collectable kinda thing

  8. Mark squats like a true Slav. Should colab game with @LifeOfBoris.

  9. i wish for Mark to play Robocraft

  10. Since when is Sour Patch Kids sending stuff to grown men like Keanu Reeves waiting for Matrix 4 to film?

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