Sounds from the Sideline: #DALvsTB, Wild Card Round | Dallas Cowboys 2022

A playoff announcement was made in Tampa Bay at Raymond James Stadium. We will let the ‘Boys let you know all about it. Take a glimpse behind the scenes with sights and sounds from the sideline!

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Sounds from the Sideline | #DALvsTB


  1. Lets do this!

  2. They ain’t saying anything. Adrenaline talk.

  3. Boomer Sooners showing eachother respect

  4. Dallas all the way
    Let’s gooooooooo

  5. I just hope the defense plays like lights out the 49ers are on a 11 game win streak

  6. Go COWBOYS!! This is the year to go all the way to the SUPERBOWL TO WIN IT ALL!!

  7. I’m telling ya we beating the niners!!!!!!

  8. If Dallas takes this energy and focus to sf the 9rs don’t stand a chance..

  9. Cowgirls

  10. “Mississippi State Dak running that bih over!”

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