Sophia Grace and Rosie Perform ‘Super Bass’ 11 Years Later

Ellen first met Sophia Grace and Rosie in 2011 and became one of the show’s most never-to-be-forgotten child visitors with over 30 appearances on the show. Now young adults, they are back to speak about their favorite moments on Ellen, and also gave a show stopping performance of the song that first put them on the map, “Super Bass” by Nicki Minaj.

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  1. Lathika Jayasuriya

    The most iconic people ever

  2. Joshua Adonijah

    Look at Ellen sitting there, looking just like a proud uncle🥲 .

  3. Even though it’s a decade since they’ve preform together. They still sound amazing. Love them both.

  4. Girls focus on school.

  5. Their parents still look just as young as they did 11 years ago jesus

  6. OMG THEY’re so big now i love it

  7. Kind of cringey, lol but their cute.

  8. I cried while watching this, these girls were my childhood, I would watch their movie almost every day


    Two lovelies

  10. announced Wednesday that the first 12

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