Sonic Frontiers x ONE OK ROCK – “Vandalize” Teaser

Listen to a sample of Sonic Frontiers’ forthcoming finishing theme with ONE OK ROCK’s song, “Vandalize”! SEGA has partnered with the well-liked Japanese rock band to deliver an astounding and fitting track to be paired with Sonic for his most up-to-date excursion on the Starfall Islands.

Sonic Frontiers is attainable for pre-order now:

Loved what you heard?


  1. Got that Lincoln park feel

  2. sonic is a drug

  3. mario is much better than sonic

  4. OH SNAP, they got ONE OK ROCK on this?!! YOOOOOOO

  5. Never heard of One OK Rock before but a mainline Sonic game with vocal tracks again is great to see!

  6. Naw bro who died 😭
    someone definitely died

  7. I haven’t heard a Sonic song go this hard since 2009

  8. Whoever edited needs a raise, cus I’m pretty hooked to get this game now.
    Really hope this game delivers in all honesty cus I really enjoyed Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Shadow of the Colossus, and Nier Automata.

  9. “When are we going to learn what we really want to know about this game?”
    “Here’s an overview detailing the gameplay and the story!”
    “I said what we REALLY WANT to know.”
    “Here’s a teaser for the music.”

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