Sonic Frontiers is a Disappointing Mess

There is a new 3D Sonic game in town, and I NEED to speak about it… Good thing I beat every 3D Sonic game in 7 days in preparation.

Large thanks to Onua for the Sonic thumbnail pose!

Infinite’s End – Sonic Forces
Theme of Sonic the Hedgehog – Sonic 06
Cyberspace 3-4 – Sonic Frontiers
Sound Test – Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne
Metallic Madness Zone (Act 1) – Sonic Mania
Cyberspace 4-2 – Sonic Frontiers
Amalgam – Undertale
Cyberspace 3-5 – Sonic Frontiers
Egg Fleet – Sonic Heroes
In Broad Daylight – Chibi-Robo
Cyberspace 4-4 – Sonic Frontiers
Ares Island – Sonic Frontiers
Final Boss – Sonic Frontiers
Gallery – Danganronpa V3
Werehog Battle Theme – Sonic Unleashed
Dark Rebirth – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Chaos Island – Sonic Frontiers
Undefeatable – Sonic Frontiers
Kronos Island – Sonic Frontiers
The Last Scene – Sonic Adventure 2


  1. I completely agree with you on the story beats. The characters are just overly somber and only seem to be around to reset their characters to blank slates. There’s barely any story outside of the flashbacks and most of it is caused by Sage refusing to explain the plot. Not to mention all the new lore just raises further questions and problems. I think most people just give it a pass because the references reward hard core fans and they ignore everything else.

  2. You’re stupid and wrong and your face and hair are super stupid

  3. 23:57 Out of context this scene is definitely goofy but what an amazingly appropriate sendoff

  4. Man I just love the edit that shows thy purple moon fuckin *The End* the boss’ name *The End* is a little weird though like *The End* what or who thought a violet spherical rock named *The End* was okay.

    All seriousness I’m not sure with Sonic’s modern games nowadays I’m just waiting probably hopelessly but waiting nonetheless for a good game

  5. Sega needs to see this because I can agree with this . Most of my problems with the game was the camera, overworld and cyberspace. In cyberspace stages sonic controls terrible its like they didn’t learn after forces but on the Overworld he’s damn perfect. I want his sonic unleashed speed back , longer stages and let Ian actually write the story whlie this was ok Sega most of the story was (remember that 1 time?) Yes Sega we know and for the love of God stop riding green hill, and chemical plants nostalgic dick you have a lot of assets to use so use them. As for the music I know the overworld they wanted somber music but that was just making me want to find a portal faster. And oddly enough the titan bosses are where this game shines even if it’s parry to win. Also I don’t appreciate the fact that vandalize is behind the easy/normal difficulty and one way dream is hard mode because the end was the dumbest true boss to put in a sonic game. I know ilzuka said he was going for a 8/10 game but this more like 6.5/10

  6. when will eastern open-world games let the fucking open-world cliches die?! no, I don’t want to collect 10,000 snozberries!

  7. I respect your opinion but most people seem to enjoy it so far and all i see is just positive reviews so i can pretty much say it was a very successful game for sonic team.

    Dont get me wrong it has some issues that could be improved and It’s good you mention a few of those bad for better things in the future but It’s not a bad game in general that you claim it to be.

    Again It’s just your respectful opinion and It’s okay if you you don’t like the game fully but saying its bad as if it was a fact with a shitty thumbnail is just laughable to me. especially when you called it a dumpster fire at the end of the video for no reason.

    All im saying now is do better for future videos #Nohate

  8. As a firm believer of “there has never been a good sonic game”, I must say Sonic Frontiers is a good game. Aside from pop in and boring landscape I genuinely believe this is the best sonic game.

    Hopefully SEGA actual hire more people to work on the sonic franchise and give them more time, at the moment it’s basically the size of a indie development team.

  9. Call me Zelda ONE moar time

    Me when I spread misinformation on the internet:

  10. it’s better than forces, but that’s not saying much.

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