Something About Super Mario World ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) ?

WAHOO is back and he’s quicker than ever before! He will get another speedrunning world record for sure, but at what cost?

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Animatic, Animation and Backgrounds by Jeremey Chinshue

Coloring by Vanessa Chinshue

Music used:

The musical CC bit is quoted from this article on the finest piano portions of all time

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  1. My Favorite Favorite Thing

    The little star has my heart <3

  2. 0:07 Yes, you are right yoshis. A nuke is VERY good to use as a volleyball. Please continue without proceeding caution

  3. SpeedRunners Who Had Enough of Bowsers shit in a nutshell

  4. 0:54
    King: Mawaha
    Mario: NO!

  5. Boi if only this existed back when SR Pelo uploaded, this, too, would’ve been a classic just like his, your version rivals with his version, he does his twist of animation, earrape screams, and timing with table slams and sound effects while you also have your animations, voice actors, and accurately representing each nutshell in the most ridiculous way possible.

    Congratulations on getting trending #2 in America! I loved your collab with Sr Pelo, the dream team I wanna see more

  6. Roni C. N64, Sixty Four

    Can’t stop watching this


  8. 2:43 is that Arnold from game grumps, that’s like my favorite bit

  9. 彼らの首はどこにあるのでしょう

  10. GD PaintingOrange

    y a h o o

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