Something About Season 5 in 0.05 Hours (Loud Sound Warning 📼)

A summary of “Something About” Season 5!

And be certain to check out the description of the original video clips to look at all the voice actors, artists and composers involved! 😀

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  1. 1:52 this probably the scariest thing in the channel.

    And I love it

  2. Absolutely perfect, especially the ending. God bless us, every one.

  3. Something about *Pokémon Scarlet/Violet*

  4. I love the kirbo. Definitely my favorite part of this channel

  5. which one was the creepy robot terminal montage from?

  6. Qapla! :3c

  7. Season 5 is already done? Woah feels like yesterday I watched and laughed my head off on the Kirby 64 vid. Still love the rules of nature bit I’m too obsessed with the remix now because of you lol

  8. Could you do more Yoshi videos, maybe Wooly or Crafted world?

  9. 🦻

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