Solve This Riddle For $100,000 (Step 1)

Yes, this is real. We spent months setting this up and it is crazy. Do not worry, if you really get to the finish of this, we are going to know. We totally anticipate this to take over 7 days, so if you get stuck, do not give up. You can team but I’m only sending the $100,000 to whoever solves it FIRST!


  1. Good luck! This is my side channel “Mr.Beast” I see some of you are confused. This isn’t the main with 40 mil. I’ll post on the main when someone solves this ❤️

    Also, sorry for the confusion. I meant to say I won’t ask you to download anything besides apex legends haha

  2. Everyone to find the first channel this seriously look up Mr. B 6000 and then click on the first thing that pops up in the first channel and that’s channel it’s almost 40,000,000 subscribers it’s really easy and I really don’t know what this riddle is that

  3. 1:24 is 273953456

  4. I suck at flappy bird, so i will not be trying.

    Also, I don’t want to be part of richer cicada 3301 particularly.

  5. I think he just wants us to take his money good luck to the person who wins

  6. This gives me anxiety

  7. He finally uploaded

  8. Tim's Rideshare Tips


  9. rockey pinto vlog and games and more

    Me sees the link first put it fast i know it look i just came but no

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