Sodium metal is soft and squashy

Sodium metal is stored under oil because it is reactive to moisture and air. Most metals are hard, but sodium metal is truly soft, and you can squelch it, just with your fingers, if you wring truly hard. Metals are normally glistening, and sodium metal is as well, but because it is so reactive, it hastily tarnishes. But because it is so soft, it can be effortlessly cut with a knife, and on the inside, we can see the nice and glistening metal.




  1. Oh gosh i would probably accidentally put it in water

  2. Marshmallow metal

  3. Okay and now toss it in water.

  4. What’s tarnish, use friendly words.

  5. Cheese

  6. Does it explode?

  7. Forbidden C H E E S E

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