So I made Dance Moves control Minecraft…

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I made Minecraft ENTIRELY CONTROLLABLE by Dance Moves… this was crazy, but I am so elated that I managed to do it. I wonder how far I can take this…

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I made minecraft totally controllable by using only my webcam/camera/dance moves. this was insane fun to make, and I truly took pleasure in coding this custom minecraft mod/difficulty/plugin. It was quite a lot of fun to do, and I truly hope you take pleasure in it!

#Fundy #Minecraft #Dancemoves


  1. Guys I think he only has five days to make this video

  2. Try this in pvp

  3. big t h u m b

  4. YOOOOOOOOO This is actually sick

  5. Charles Villaflor

    Holy crap man that’s so wonderful I can imagine how hard it must have been. You are a genius!

  6. I am taking python in high-school and you’re why

  7. i almost forgot you were dutch

    maar ik ben dat ook

  8. Oh youre dutch

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