Snoop Dogg Speaks At Nipsey Hussle’s Memorial Service



  1. Christian Camargo

    Don’t bargain with the Devil. The Lord JesusChrist is the one to give your life, purpose, and soul too.

  2. I will always be shocked that snoop dog still hasn’t been murdered yet. I mean, it’s great and all when one of these thugs is killed, but just imagine how much better the world would be once this asshole bites it. My joy would be absolutely immense. 😁👍😎

  3. That’s some dope bling

  4. Think about how weird it would be if snoop was white, and and if every time he said black, he said white…’every white man needs a strong white woman’

  5. Snoop a clout chaser

  6. Fuck Barack Obama

  7. leonard chiarini jr

    Hey look it’s Snoop dog shit. Walking talking piece of shit.

  8. Snoop Dogg your next

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