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  1. The skirting is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Good job on the fireworks display!

  3. rat snakes(king snakes?) eat poisonous snakes

  4. Spencer I don’t know how you do it. Tight spaces get to me. Under the house !!!!! Oh NO

  5. First the skirting looks great with the horizontal lines reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright designs. Now my thoughts on electric everything. It takes energy to make electricity where will that energy supposedly to come from? Sun and wind is not reliable by itself and until longer storage times is available it is ridiculous to try and push everyone in this direction. The idea of no or zero pollution is a pipe dream and will never happen.

  6. Beautiful family house guys one love form Jamaica

  7. Have you invited your family over yet showed off your new house this is the way to live so you don’t want to pay the mortgage the water bill or electric bill that you guys were very smart to do this

  8. Emanuel friendsmillar

    Your children are beautiful. Healthy. It’s satisfying watching your blessed family

  9. I doubt that the wood slats will keep out snakes or pests from under your trailer house. Many pests burrow under the ground. This will probably help stop pests, but putting a physical barrier on the bottom of the trailer (like pressure treated plywood) would be more effective, but also, a lot more work. I hope that this works for you and BTW, it looks really good.

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