Smart People Fixing Things with RAMEN NOODLES

Smart People Fixing Things with RAMEN NOODLES! I’m SSSniperWolf and I can not believe this do-it-yourself solving things with ramen and noodles…!


  1. do you think you can fix things with RAMEN NOODLES? btw… HOUSE TOUR VIDEO TOMORROW DON’T MISS IT 😀

  2. Natalie Rusczyk

    watch house made out of ramen come next

  3. Landlord gets PISSED when old tenant moves out after getting deposit back. Haha haha laughing all the way to the grocery store for more Raman.

  4. Ramen is the basic block of life, sorry atoms and science

  5. Still can’t get passed the breastasses..

  6. 8:03 i’ll have you know that i’ve never punched any walls

  7. Caristeen Alejandro

    Broken iPhone


    Broken Mom


    Broken Heart


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