Smart Houses Are Kinda Tacky


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  1. The Only smart items I want are fans, lights and an oven I can preheat while I’m still in bed

  2. That Cybert Channel

    My wife has been obessessed with smart fridges. I think I’m doomed.

  3. Liamshelley Shelley

    Hi 🙂😐

  4. When living in an Asian country wherein there are power cut problems pretty frequently, to imagine being locked up in my smart house, not being able to flush my toilet nor being able to open my smart fridge when the electricity is down would simply give me nightmares.

  5. Future kids be happily cheating on their tests using any appliance in their house like 🤠

  6. I got a smart light for my lamp on my desk bc it’s a bit of an awkward angle to get at, and as a cinematographer who specialising in lighting, I love having so many different colours and brightness levels. I’ve got a homepod mini in my kitchen, and while cooking I use it for music and timers. And then I got a roomba because I have really bad allergies, so having a lil guy keeping on top of the dust is really nice. But some of the smart tech that exists is kinda crazy, and it’s all about flex culture, not helping those who need it, like people with disabilities who would really benefit from this stuff. It’s also nice just to interact with ‘dumb’ objects, and you don’t have to worry about it not working.

  7. The robot reminds me of Chester from Don’t Starve.

  8. Sticks The Dork

    I have the Samsung smart fridge, but I got the one with glass that if u knock on it lights up and shows u ur food for some reason

  9. Idk why the one video from like the 60s was so extreme like- did they think that all the houses that already existed in the 60s would disappear? 😭 Like right now I’m writing this from one of the thousands of 1800s houses in London, and my friend is texting me from a brutalist tower that was built in the 60s – What the fuck is that honeycomb house lmao 😂😂💀

  10. smart appliances just feel so incredibly lazy, not to mention they aren’t designed for disabled accessibility.

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