Simulating Minecraft Civilization with LEGO

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Additionally I make an effort to do this in 200 Minecraft days or 66 hours. This is the largest project I have ever done and a really tough challenge. Enjoy!

In addition if you are a madman, count how many lego figures you see in the entire build, and comment it below 🙂

This is a popular challenge format by many Minecraft YouTubers such as

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  1. Get NordVPN exclusive deal here: Try it risk-free thanks to their money-back guarantee!

    Also thank you all for watching PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT! I read every single one!

  2. Blocks and craft Studios

    The most painful thing ever

  3. Hey i do 1 🙂

  4. But is not donde

  5. Is THE ?e?

  6. Man this is the stuff I would do everyday, all day if I had infinite LEGO pieces

  7. Techno blade is not a got he’s a pig

  8. Technoblade never dies

  9. take away the barn and the ice castle then its PERFECT!!!!!!

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