The Sidemen take on the most rugged strength test they have ever had to confront, Who do you think is the most powerful Sideman?



  1. Do colab with tgf

  2. From 18:00 to 18:27 simon looks like he’s contemplating whether he should start going to the gym or not

  3. stillbeatthough

    14:51 he does as well ?

  4. Luke Whittaker

    Lol why can I relate to Tobi at 17:54

  5. Scott Stevenson

    Logan paul vs ksi bench off

  6. ethan did daaamn good

  7. xavier thompson

    Imagine skipping leg day where the squats

  8. Nick Skaaning BO4

    The weights are wrong:( just look how easy these nskinny nerds Can lift 100+ kg

  9. behzinga trying to act all big and hard

  10. ksi is weak af… weighs 100kg and only benches 115

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