The least anticipated most aspiring YouTube cross over event the world has ever seen.

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  1. Vik is such a loser isn’t he

  2. How is this not on Trending??

  3. Its so wholesome to watch ksi and logan together , hope to see more of these 2

  4. Bartsimpsongamer

    The war is over we made peace 😁

  5. Shawn Yoshitani

    The production for team Maverick was so entertaining. The hugging for team KSI was just as entertaining.

  6. Arturo Medina González

    ths past saturday my dad caught a 28 kilos corvina only by himself and he 50 years old

  7. Why does the camera man have a helmet on

  8. man how they put all the people that actually know how to hold a fishing rod on one boat then the autistic people on the other boat. simon scared of fish and even new how to hold a rod

  9. Sidemen Tinder ft Team Maverick

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