Showing Felix My FUNNIEST TikToks


  1. Our German words are pretty descriptive. Flugzeug means “fly thing”, Krankenhaus means “house of the sick” etc.

  2. Jack is right, we know.

  3. The silent backnoise whistle montage needed to be 3 minutes longer

  4. I love this

  5. WHAT!!? FUKIN YOUTUBE UNSUB YOU I AM SUB TO U but utube no sub to 🙁

  6. Two European guys ranting about European languages.

  7. I don’t like cats but I don’t hate them. Which is good because I recently found out I’m lowly allergic to cats. Doesn’t surprise me since my mom, and older sister are both highly allergic.

  8. Reaction video with Jack and Felix for “The Difference between Holland, the Netherlands and a whole lot more”?

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