Should Your Boyfriend Play MultiVersus?

Want the Girlfriend Reviews YouTooz figurine?


  1. Girlfriend Reviews

    Don’t forget to enter to win your very own tiny Matt & Shelby! (Just please don’t feed them after midnight)

  2. Lmao. Or at least pretend sheesh

  3. This game is the saddest attempt at a smash clone I’ve ever seen. Ever.

  4. Congrats on being 47th on trending!

  5. No. He should grow up and get a real job.

  6. Reiss Cumberbatch

    Its so true what your saying about arya shes my main but she takes skill to use and i just keep fighting these shaggys and finns and jakes that are just so simple amd the just spam the same move over and over and over lol

  7. I should re watch Adventure Time…

  8. What’s large, grey, and doesn’t matter?

    An irrelephant.

  9. Christopher Newby

    Wish hello fresh had compostable instead of plastic packets id be happy with fungiplastic that would seriously push me over the edge into beliving its better for the enviornment. Or if they gave you a free lomi…..xD

  10. legit LOL’ed at a bunch of different points in this vid.

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