SHORT RIB Pho! & BEST Burger in Seattle???

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Went investigating in around my apt and in Seattle finally 🙂 began off with Dong Ting Chun a hunan eating place serving authentically scrumptious Chinese food. Then headed into Seattle to eat at a Malay.
#seattle #pho #burger


  1. That burger place is where Bill Gates gets his burgers (Dick’s).

  2. The three dudes working on their dreads behind him lmao

  3. Benching on a smith machine lol come on Mike!

  4. Phanomphone Tiengkhamsaly

    Welcome to the emerald’s city, Micky! Hope I get to meet you one of these day.

  5. thefabulousnarwhal

    Came back after watching the whole video and dang! I wanna go visit Seattle so bad now! Especially Phó bac? if your looking for a boba tea place in Seattle try The Moo Bar, I hear it’s good but haven’t had the chance to go there myself?

  6. Why did you move to WA? Vancouver is the Sh#@$T!

  7. When you come to British Columbia, there’s a killer hot dog vendor in Abbotsford. Just astonishingly good; quite the personality too. You gotta check out Lully’s Mobile Food Experience. Best hot dog you’ll ever eat. He makes his own custom toppings which are AMAZING. You ever have a hot dog with chimmichurri, cheese curds, red cherry pepper mayo, dill and garlic? How about with Montreal smoked meat on it? Also, in either Surrey or Abbotsford, you need to go for Punjabi food.

  8. Dick’s is a classic cheap burger in Seattle, but you have to try Great State Burger. More worth it!

  9. Best burger!? You tried only one. Clickbait title.

  10. Don’t forget in two weeks the Bite or Seattle will be going on! Hundreds of food vendors gathered right below the space needle

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