Shoot the Invisible Person Challenge!!

Hi everyone! In this challenge, we hide behind a skrim while a participant throws eggs at us! If the lights go out, we can move around! But if the lights turn on, we can not move! Check it out!
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  1. Nice 7 on trending. I kind of miss old team edge though. Even though it’s been like what 3-4 years?

  2. Hiding behind a cover doesn’t make you invisible.

  3. team edge you guys should do last to leave the circle win ten thousand dollar

  4. I love the Wii archery music in the back haha

  5. That’s video is was so cool ?

  6. 10.000 subs with 0 minecraft Let’s Play’s

    2:51 he got 4/20 eggs 😉

  7. I Gacha Roblox!

    Lol 7:02 Joey gets hit and if you listen closely you hear heavy going “POW!”

  8. Gaurdian Distructor

    The laugh of a true Villain

  9. I Gacha Roblox!

    wait I also just realised

  10. 4/20 Joey smokes weed

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