Sheriff vs. Manchester United: Extended Highlights | UEL Group Stage MD 2 | CBS Sports Golazo

An away day in Moldova for Manchester United has taken on new which means, as top-of-the-group Sheriff enforce as an enemy for The Red Devils.

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  1. Both teams kept giving the ball away. I felt united should have scored a least 5 against such a weak team

  2. I hope this is Ronaldo’s last year. He missed ALOT of chances this game and games prior to this one. He’s not the same as last year but you never know he might find his form come mid seasons. But so far….sheeesh and I’m a big Ronaldo fan.

  3. Casimiro and mcguirre whata wasted money ????

  4. rapenaldo showing that he can perform against obscure teams when the stakes are low. classic.

  5. Ronaldo down the middle will always cold af 🥶

  6. I’m confused, Sheriff team – from which country is it? looks like African, but why they are playing in Europe League?

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  8. Sancho promised that kid he will wear his tibia protection. And he scored with it on. I imagine the kid’s joy… indeed!

  9. Eriksen has been nothing but class since we signed him. Arguably our best player right now with the performances he’s been putting on.

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