Shedeur Sanders VIRAL FIRST HOME GAME (Colorado Vs Nebraska)

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    • It’s time #$2$ go get dat $ chain bike rock boffum 2 and $ chain BIG VVS they still sleep kid apply moe PRESSURE #GOBUFFS-MIKE OSBORNE yo tru real fan C- grade vs Nebraska let dat bih go sometimes u gotta throw dat bih even when they not open open nfl throws stop waiting on some throws slang dat bih u got dawgs witcha need 450 yds passing 6tds throwing 1 rushing td vs COLORADO ST tuning up got Oregon and USC BO NIX AND CAM WILLIAMS FINNA SHOW THE WORLD WHO $2$ aka baby brady is and tell them we staying another year so jus chill we want that #1 pick in NEXT YEAR DRAFT #GOBUFFS-MIKE OSBORNE

    • Most Dangerous Man Alive

      You’re the editor and filmography of this video? Super awesome job I love the format.

    • Great video 🔥

    • I hated college football til this whole Sanders bunch brought nose-to-the grindstone epic stuff to us ❤🎉

  1. These 🥷 living my life 😂

  2. So basically this is what would happen if the SEC came to some of these suspect conferences…..

  3. quite is kept darryl. The quarterback coach has two offers prospects undefeated, the Oregon State quarterback

  4. Dat boy flex da AP, did his pops dance and whipped them😂😂

  5. 2 LIKE DAT

  6. Shedeur shouldn’t declare for the 24 draft. He’s having too much fun. His rookie year won’t be more fun than being the BMOC. Take it from an OMOC. Enjoy these next two years. You’ve earned them.

  7. Great video montage! I felt the energy and emotions of the fans. We got a closeup of the star QB.

  8. They’re going to be so loud when this team finally takes an L. Hope they stay the course regardless 😤😤😤😤

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