She Ruined Guess Who.

Scottish Girl and Drumsy play Guess Who in VR.

Friends in the video clip:

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  1. Daschund Lover

    This game is gonna rocket

  2. Can you link the long furby

  3. Jacky - BrawlStars

    Getting sponsored by a great chinese company? You are just amazing as the game.

  4. why is illy so adorable ^.^

  5. Anthony le Gremlins

    This channel is the best shonen/harem/Verbaly Seinen I”ve ever seen

  6. Stephen Jendryka

    Definition of down bad

  7. flamingo_wrestler

    daniel looks like danny devito tbh
    hehe, daniel devito

  8. I wonder what will happen if someone found illy’s dad

  9. The white stuff

  10. Yuppppp

  11. suicidal sociopath

    To this day i still have no fucking idea how drumsy gets sponsored at all lmfao. His content is funny as shit but then they randomly get sponsored by displate and genshin impact like wtf

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