She Hulk is Fine – You Guys Are Just Being Dumb



  1. Actress is great. So is shit.
    Its a Superhero show where nothing super happens.
    Its like watching a ball sport with no ball and then the team justifying why that shouldn’t be a problem. By the end, the script was just the writers justifying themselves to the audience. & on the comedy scale, where was the comedy? With Rick & Morty being a 10, this was 10 to the negative power of 10.
    And I have to hear the writers make that stupid claim I’ve heard my whole life as to why everything’s worse/harder for a woman when the only way a woman could know that, is remembering an entire past life as an average man, to compare, when most their assumptions about men, are wrong.

  2. The Cosmonaut Variety Hour is just click bait

  3. I didn’t care much about the show till the end. The finale was really amazing to me. Perfect She-Hulk shenanigans.

  4. Alessandro Suarez

    I loved the show

  5. This show literally proves the stereotypes of women (mostly in America) without knowing, or maybe they do know and that’s the point. Like the character herself down plays every man in the show like they only got somewhere because they’re a man while literally getting a job because she’s she hulk, literally downplays anything someone goes through to complain about stuff she goes through that is never shown to be true(like with Bruce), just likes to brag, feel superior and make everything about her and gets disappointed when no one cares, and complain about how guys are pigs but being the most superficial person in the show and sees guys like pieces of meat (literally brings daredevil back in the show to have sex with him). Everything is so hypocritical and pretentious about her and the writing it’s funny. I also think they don’t understand that most men watch comic movies and shows, not women. Shouldn’t make an enemy of your audience.

  6. The show hates men

  7. I can agree with alot of your takes. I knew what to expect as well. The one thing that kinda bothered me though was how hulk was treated

  8. And are we all gonna act like Andor isnt boring as fuck

  9. Andor is way worse than She Hulk

  10. Do rings of power

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