she did not appreciate THIS! #Shorts

in todays #shorts I created the ULTIMATE datenight den for my gf because she was feeling sad…


  1. Actually ur 150th

  2. Jessica Martin

    @shelbyyy sabreee because if you get pinned you are entered into the drawing with only about five other people, then when or if you’re picked you win the prize. Last time it was $15,000.

  3. @shelbyyy sabreee ikrr

  4. That sounded so wrong lmao

  5. this is so cute:)

  6. She gave that sloppy toppy anyways

  7. At least he did something to try to make her feel better

  8. •Mixed Artist•

    Bro you gotta STUFF that fort with pillows blankets lights and you gotta prop it up on the couches and a lot of chairs and of course a laptop or the tv to watch movies

  9. çrèãtør cha-ziyah

    Boi got wasted

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