Shannon Sharpe and Stephen A. APPLAUD Deion Sanders’ PATIENCE 💯 | First Take

On First Take, Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe discuss Colorado’s 45-42 upset of TCU in Deion Sanders’ debut with the Buffaloes.
0:00 Shannon loved what he saw from Colorado
2:30 Coach Prime’s patience
3:30 Stephen A.’s thoughts on Deion’s press conference
5:40 How he’s not “a typical coach”
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  1. Unk BACK‼️‼️

  2. I hope this is like Jordan and pippen duo SS AND SAS yeah🫡

  3. Soooo Skippy had Deion Sanders on his show and only pulled almost 100,000. 750,000 plus views on this cause of Shade Sharpe lol

  4. This is grabbing all of the headlines really early this college football season. Can’t wait to see how it plays out

  5. Glad Unc is back and even better that he’s getting the respect he deserves!!

  6. Shannon doesn’t know the meaning of loyalty!! Then again not many people do!!

  7. Glad to see Shannon showing support for the Jets 😤🛩️🛫

  8. Best show on TV, I stopped watching when they got rid of Max. But this brings me back.. such great segment, wow!!!!! Amazing stuff.. keep the heat 🔥 coming Unc!!!

  9. It’s good to see Shannon on espn

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