Sha’Carri Richardson fails to meet requirements for World Championships, rips media | T&F | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

U.S. sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson called out the media after failing to meet requirements for the 2022 USATF World Championship team this previous weekend. Richardson was emotional after her loss and advocated the media to have consideration for athletes. Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho respond to Richardson’s showing and critique of the media.

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  1. Speak For Yourself

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    • Ohco thats stupid. We only care about the performance. You trying to make reporters important 😂

    • This woman has failed many times why is still news anyway. What can these folks say about her original failure of a drug test. When we have all lost loved ones and stayed strong and passed on the smoke that we knew would end our careers. Failure is the only thing she knows no excuses or non fact based opinions needed. But here we are with an entire YouTube video defending failures let’s concentrate on those that prevailed over all adversity.

  2. Black Boy King TV

    Another black woman who refuses to accept reality and take accountability. How can anyone take these people seriously?

  3. This is what you all support woke culture, now handle it . Now this malfunctioning human as threathen to sue you all lololol. Everything now is everybody is offended if you look left or right.

  4. Marsha's Journey

    Hmmm you’re on to something. Shericka Jackson ran the world lead and hasn’t posted about it either (atleast last I checked her IG). Guess she’s busy training.

  5. Take off all them fake parts she would have qualified due to not carrying a extra 10 pounds

  6. She just mad she didn’t qualify

  7. I can’t stand her! And not for this, but just in general.

  8. Alexander Marquardt

    It is more interesting to look at her, than listening to her.

  9. Ugonelearn Todayknewz

    I’m tired of white people

  10. She is just an attention seeking bozo

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