Seth Had an Embarrassing Accident Involving an Electric Scooter

Seth tells the tale about his trip to Indianapolis, where he had a disastrous encounter with an electrical scooter.

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  1. He’s soooooo gay.

  2. Buckeyes baby!

  3. Its still kind of young to fall off a scooter. Not sure about cool lol


  5. So great this is on trending! Now if only it was also in my subscription box or notifications where it’s also supposed to be.

  6. You could do a trump. when ask how do you hurt your hand. lie lie and lie

  7. I just turned 44 myself and we ARE young and cool Seth, darnit

  8. Vot𝐞 f0r me ple𝛂s𝗲! *W𝒊n Round thе World tr𝔦p* to Bahra𝗶n, Braz𝒊l, Pаraguay, P1tcɑ𝔦rn 𝛂nd Pᴏlɑnd! L𝐞аrn mOrе:

  9. When there’s Stephen Colbert why watch this guy.

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