Serena Williams vs. Emma Raducanu | 2022 Cincinnati Round 1 | WTA Match Highlights

Watch the Match Highlights from Serena Williams vs. Emma Raducanu at the 2022 Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati.


  1. Most of the shots shown are point-winners from Serena. Please show more of Emma next time, as this was a great win for her!!

  2. That shut the partisan crowd up. Williams should have bowed out when she lost the Wimbledon final to Halep a few years back, instead she insisted on playing on when everybody could see her sell by date had been and gone. Lets hope Andy Murray learns the lesson and departs before things fall apart for him.

  3. Serena’s era has gone, sadly

  4. Its time for Serena and others in their 40’s to give it up this is a young person’s game. it is what it is everybody and I do mean EVERYBODY goes South physically as we age out. I mean look at Ash Barty. I mean she gave it up before she ever really got going! I mean how greedy do you gotta be, huh?

  5. Stuffthatsfunny1

    you need a new editor

  6. 😃 Hey, I know who that Serena is! A man! 😜🤦

  7. Well, Emma was playing so bad this year, that beating Serena actually tells a lot about both of them and their form.

  8. Ofcourse serena Williams very better ema she is one number

  9. We will not forget the wonderful tennis of Serean, but Beautiful Radacanu – to quote another great athlete, ‘moves like a butterfly, stings like a bee’.

  10. Andrei Dragancea

    Romanian girls, a big problem for Serena last years

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