Security officer makes contact with Tiger Woods at the Masters | CBS Sports

On the 14th hole, Tiger Forest’ drive discovered the second cut. Then, a security officer made contact with Tiger’s ankle after his approach through the trees. Woods still made birdie.


  1. What are WarGames?

    Why blame the security guy when its actually the people that rushed Tiger that should be to blame. The guy was doing his job just happen to slip on wet and slippery grass.

  2. Plot Twist:Assassin’s Creed

  3. News just in. A man slips on wet grass, join us for in depth analyses at 10. 😏

  4. And your fired

  5. Alway be aware of your surroundings…

  6. Dropping? chatting?

  7. How does someone not know about wet grass?!

  8. the most interesting thing that has ever happened in golf

  9. “Sweep the leg”…… you got a problem with that?!?!??

  10. Tiger can play through anything! What a true warrior!

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