Secret Hidden Oven Entrance to Epic GAMING FORT!

We turned our oven into a secret entrance to a gaming room!


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Our motto on this channel is LAUGH DAILY! Why is this our motto? Because we believe in the importance of laughing daily, we strive to bring joy to people’s lives by watching our content.
“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22 We love this verse and it is the driving force behind our videos and why we do what we do!

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  1. that was amazing guys i love it thx so so much 4 this magnificent video I truly did love it it was awesome & yeah take care now amazing people bye peace out 😎😎😎✌✌✌🤍🧡💜💙.

  2. Subscribe please

  3. Jeremiah Willatc

    Do a hidden gaming room in a fridge. That would complete my life I’ve been watching for awhile I rented when y’all gave away ice cream and pizza to college students

  4. Julita masak di German

    I Love Your Videos

  5. Service men get mad bro. Cause they wanna make more then just a trip charge.

  6. floyd master1973

    Nice pink Floyd reference who’s ever idea it was thumbs up for them

  7. Paul Nino De Los Santos

    Bro has the coolest house in the world

  8. your food

  9. What happens when you sell the house

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