SEC Shorts – SEC teams get their final 2022 season report cards

It is that time of the year. SEC teams sit down to look at how their professor grades out their 2022 season. Who’s going to the reward box and who’s in jeapordy of getting held back?


  1. Perfect ending. RIP Pirate!🙏💔

  2. Sucks Dennis Hopper’s hairy balls that we lost Mike Leech. HAIL STATE!

  3. This was great until Herbstreat shows up at the end. What a fraud and imposter

  4. These are absolutely hilarious 😂

  5. 👍

  6. Classy tribute to the coach of the bulldogs. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your day.

  7. Aaaaannnnnnddddd now I’m sad.

  8. Such a cool tribute to Mike Leach at the end.

  9. Great finish guys

  10. Russell LeadSlinger Andrus

    And Coach Leach would say, “but what was our grade”? I ain’t gonna lie, I cried way too much at this.

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